Grassroots Archive: Connecting Deeply with Your Audience

Creative professionals can use the end of the year to be visible and connect with your collectors, clients, audience etc. on a deeper level. The holiday is in full-swing. Time to nurture these relationships and end 2020 strong!

You can see I have included a photo from the exhibit at Stamford History Center of a vintage toy cash register to “ring in” the holiday spirit, and successful selling for all of the wonderful creative professionals out there!

What is the best tool? While Instagram and Facebook are very useful (I love scrolling my readers’ profiles discovering all of the great art they are making or performing!), e-mail is still the most essential AND valuable in creating business visibility, cultivating more loyalty, and resulting in more sales.

1. You can use e-mail to promote and market your artwork in addition to collaborations, events, workshops and much more!

2.The Return on Investment for e-mail has increased. According to HubSpot as of June 2020, e-mail generates $38 per $1 spent

3. Almost everyone uses e-mail as opposed to social media.
People tend to check their e-mail first thing in the morning.

4. Who knows what will happen in the future with social media? i.e. terms of platforms collapsing, becoming acquired by another large conglomerate, legal issues etc.

5. When you build an e-mail list, it is yours and a true asset It is also the most direct line of communication to your clients.

6. Flexibility you can contact clients, and collectors whenever you want to!

7. Beyond promoting your artwork, you can use e-mail as a tool for social change by spreading the word and/or rallying support for causes you are passionate about.

8. Be “unforgettable” or at least “top of mind” with your audience and collectors

How are you using e-mail to engage your audience? I want to hear your e-mail marketing success stories! Please share in the comments. 2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, let us wind down the year on a positive note, and forge deeper connections!



Emily L. Derr of Grassroots Impact

I help creative professionals grow their audience through grassroots public relations & transformational collaborations, in addition to prioritizing self-care.